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Male, retired, active on house, garage, grounds Highly motivated in Futures market Politically Independent for decades; dislike all politicians except Dr. Paul and Nigel Farage Global Warming is the biggest lie ever foisted on citizens by politicians (and they almost always lie)

There’s no “warming pause” — trade winds are burying heat in the Pacific

Originally posted on Grist:
Global average land temperatures have not increased as quickly as many scientists had expected over the past 10 or 15 years, leading some climate skeptics to latch onto the bogus idea of a “global warming pause.”…

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Divergence, special

Learn the ‘Knoxville Divergence’ by Rob Booker on you tube. The best trading info ever. I don’t use his setup – I do use the concept, with my own indicators.  Once you fully grasp the basic concept, the Ah-Ha moment … Continue reading

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